Shared Hosting vs Personal Hosting

Hosting is possible in multiple ways, the form most used is shared hosting. Shared hosting means that the server where you are renting space will be used by multiple users. This means that all users will use the same resources like memory and CPU time. For most websites this is a fine and cheaper way of ensuring hosting space.

If you have a site with a lot of visitors or does your site offer services that take up a lot of data. Than it might be time to have a look at peronal hosting. Personal hosting means we will give you a server that is fully set to your needs and you are in complete control of the server. With personal hosting SSH access is possible.

E-mail services

All our email services are done with Google. The reason for this is that we can ensure a save reliable environment for your personal or business communication. When you login you can use Gmail webmail or add the email to your own mailprogram as Google-emailaddress. This way we can create an email adres with your own domain such as: Access to other Google applications with your new email is possible. Have a look at our prices for more information about the possibilities or contact us!